At Home Upgrade Specialist, we provide affordable HVAC solutions to make sure you can meet your needs and maintain an efficient, safe household. For any home owner who is serious about maximizing the quality of care they get at home, our HVAC specialists can give you all the help that you need to make sure you can enjoy a more comfortable home life.

However, many people tend to get a shock when the winter comes and their fuel bills have gone through the roof. In a bid to help you out with that, our team are here to help you make the right calls and to get professional HVAC installation that is quite, timely and cost-effective. We can help you to cut down on your energy expenditure by a significant amount just by making adjustments to your present system.

Indeed, we deal with a service that accounts for more than half of your annual energy bill usage for the average US household. With that in mind, we are more than happy to get involved and to deliver a professional solution that really makes a telling difference to the way that your business operates.

What Does Our Professional HVAC Installation Provide?


Improved air sealing. By making sure that the system is designed to keep the air in, we make sure that there is as little bleed as possible. This ensures that everything used within the model is utilized in a manner that makes it not only super-efficient, but wonderfully affordable. If you are looking for an HVAC installation that can do that for you, then this is the place to start with for sure.

Also, we can provide an improvement in terms of sealing to ensure that your energy bills are going to be as low as they possibly can be. By closely sealing up the ducts and the bypasses, we 100% maximize the level of performance that your HVAC installation is capable of putting out there, drastically reducing the time, stress and energy that you need to put into running your home.

This HVAC installation service from our team will also give you a proper source of ventilation. Many US homes are lacking in proper, high-quality ventilation and we’ll make sure you can get just that as and when you need it. for more help and information about how to make this possible, be sure to let us know – we’ll show you how our HVAC installations create secure, safe ventilation.

All HVAC installations that we manage come with a long shelf-life, using high-quality and eco-friendly hardware that is sure to give you an outstanding return on your investment as time goes on. If you are serious about making lasting savings in your household, then we are here to help you do just that.

Just contact us today, and we can make sure that you are benefitting from a new HVAC installation that is safe, professional and affordable, making high-quality living cheaper than ever!


Windows are a major source of home improvement, and when used right can be one of the most essential solutions to improving the quality of care that you can get at home. However, windows are hard to get right and at Home Upgrade Specialist we can help you to get eco-friendly, cost-effective windows that look outstanding and give you a high-quality finish time and time again.

If you are serious about installing new window fittings, then our team can make sure that you have a fantastic selection of high-quality window styles, shapes and solutions that can fit with even the most ambitious looking households out there on the market.

If you are serious about improving the quality of the home that you live in, then our team will be more than happy to help you make that so. Our team are always happy to get involved and to help you make aesthetically pleasing choices as well as decisions in window installations that will help you save money in the long-term, too.

We aren’t here only to make fittings; we are here to help make sure that you can reduce the cost of running your household with the absolute minimum of fuss. If you are serious about seeing progressive change to your household, then windows are one of the options that often goes under the radar but can make a telling difference.

What Benefits Can New Window Installations Provide Me With?

  • Like any fitting that we provide you with, our new window installations are designed more or less to give you support as and when you need it. They are windows with style and charm in equal measure; designs that can fit with both classic and more contemporary looks. They are all looked after with a pristine artisan craftsmanship applied to each and every model.
  • Windows are a vital home improvement, made even more important by the fact that they can be so useful for locking the noise out. Live in a neighborhood near a concert hall or a sports stadium? Got an army of rowdy kids playing outside all the time? Our windows can help to keep both the costs down and your frustration at all of that excess noise.
  • This is something that we care deeply about; making sure the style matches the substance. Windows see a massive amount of energy and heat leakage from our homes, meaning that we are sub-consciously using more energy with HVAC systems to try and keep the place nice and warm. With our help, you can get windows that help to lock in that extra heat, not chase it out!
  • Also, we use only the finest of materials so our windows are very easy to look after and does not take a huge amount of work to make that possible. This allows you to have windows that are strong, safe, sturdy and stylish all at once.

For more information about our windows and how they can benefit you, feel free to contact our team today for a free estimate in our professional window installations!


At Home Upgrade Specialist, we pride ourselves on offering all-manner of high quality solutions to help makes home safer, cheaper and more efficient than ever. Good quality insulation that is safe, environmentally friendly and affordable in equal measure, though, is a very hard find. Fear not, though, because at Home Upgrade Specialist we use the finest fitters and the most idyllic ingredients to make sure you are left with insulation that is affordable but so, so effective in the long-term.

At the moment, we use a progressive wool insulation as it offers a massively efficient way to line your home and make it safer, sturdier and warmer in equal measure. Thanks to our brilliant sheep wool insulation installation service, we make sure that you are left with a properly warm, strong and reliable option for making your home as strong and as warm as it possibly be.

We have installed this kind of sheep wool insulation since YEAR, and are happy to report that clients regularly give us an update on the quietness, warmth and overall reduced cost of their home. We help people to make more from the less they have; ensuring that their insulation delivers time and time to help keep the winter fuel costs down and also to help keep the noise from outside reduced alongside new windows as time goes on.

What Makes Sheep Wool Insulation So Strong?

For one, we use sheep wool insulation as it is one of the strongest forms of insulation on the market. Thick, fluffy, furry and strong in equal measure, this offers a great way to keep the place nice and warm while ensuring that you can enjoy a much more comfortable quality of life as time goes on. When you allow it to be a major part of your heating system, it can reduce energy costs by a significant amount.

Also, it helps to keep the air nice and pure as it helps to absorb and then withhold harmful, damaging toxins and substances in the air. With 18 amino acid chains made up within wool like this, it’s a very powerful solution for holding everything from Formaldehydes to Nitrogen Dioxides to help make sure that chemicals are well and truly contained and unable to harm people any further.

They also help to make the home better in the summer, too, thanks to the fact they can absorb as much as 33% of the humidity and moisture in the air, making those summer days far more bearable. Worried insulation will make summertime worse? Fear not – not with our solution!

Best of all, it’s fire-free. This is a solution that means it is naturally protected from flame, meaning that the fire will extinguish itself the minute that it touches the wool via the high nitrogen levels within the wool itself.

Sound like the kind of scientifically-proven, affordable and effective insulation that you’re after? Then contact our team today; we’ll be more than happy to help you take things to a whole new level!

Solar Energy

For anyone who is serious about taking two steps into the future, one of the most important steps to make is into sustainable energy. A sustainable path to solar energy, for example, can be a massive benefit to your business for so many different reasons. For one, solar energy is among the safest ways for you to make sure that you always have power waiting for you. It also offers way to help subsidize other costs as you can pass off your excess solar energy to the government, making it much easier for you to live clean and actually make a bit from doing so!

But, isn’t solar energy expensive to install? Not when you add in the return on investment you can quickly enjoy. Energy costs can drop significantly when you use solar energy, and thanks to this you are much more likely to see a positive response from yourself as time goes on. You will see your energy bills drop by a large margin, and also see yourself become more self-sustainable.

How, though, does solar energy help you out?

The Benefits of Solar Energy Installation

  • For one, you will be ahead of the game. The tide is turning and the change is coming; finite energy sources will not last forever. When they do, you will find that the “expensive” solar energy fittings of today will feel like a super-cheap investment! Getting involved today means that you are making an active step towards contributing to a safer future for all, and a planet that will be here long after our own.
  • Also, you can set the rules for your own energy usage. No more having to watch usage as your poor energy supplier cannot give you good value on the energy that you need. Now, from running a greenhouse to building a media den, you will be able to draw on all the power that you need from the Sun itself, making solar energy installation a great choice for those who don’t like being beholden to services like power.
  • It’s a small investment on an initial level; in a short period of time, the reductions in bills and the energy excess payments you can receive will quickly pay back the cost of your installation, making solar energy an absolute must for those who believe in a more sustainable tomorrow.
  • Best of all, you will make your home more valuable in the long-term. A pre-installed solar energy solution will mean that there is little to no reason why your home cannot ask more than the going rate; this is one of the most desired home-improvement fittings that you can have, and it can make a massive difference to your overall enjoyment at home as you know your home is fit for the future.

Sound like the self-sustainable solution that you need? Then contact our team today: we’ll be more than happy to help you make those ambitions come to fruition.


Are you looking for professional roofing services? Then at Home Upgrade Specialist we can give you all the help that you need to make your home more affordable to run and easier to look after than ever before.

It’s a solution that delivers a comprehensive home solution; one that is going to give you all the help that you need to make keeping your home nice, safe and economically affordable. Many people find that their roof is the source of all manner of problems, including:

The development of damp and mould across the house, due to the roof allowing water leaks in that can, over time, come a problem.

Massive rises in energy costs as their home can no longer keep the heat indoors as it all escapes through the roof problems.
Structural decay that can cost huge sums of money to be replaced and/or repaired as time goes on.

Poor insulation that means their home has to use more energy to help keep the place as warm and as comforting as you would have expected.

Smart, simple solutions for making sure that the roof can be stronger, safer and more reliable can be made using the solutions provided by Home Upgrade Specialist. Our team of roofing experts know what it takes to help get your roof into top shape and to reduce the chances of it becoming a major problem for you as time goes on.

Does this sound like a problem that you are struggling with? Would you like to get around such issues and build a roofing solution that is affordable as well as reliable in equal measure? The this is the place to start.

Our team can deliver a professional roofing solution that can help to make sure that your home will reduce air conditioning usage by as much as 15%!

Why Roofing Repairs and Restoration Matters

  • For one, your roof has to be taken care of because over time the problem will get worse. Roofing repairs are among the most serious to get fixed when the problem goes beyond a certain point, so you can turn to our roofing repairs to make sure that problem can be sorted without any issues whatsoever.
  • It can add to the value of your home by a considerable and telling margin. When managed correctly, your roof can add decades of value to your home as well as helping to reduce home management costs by a massive margin as it works to help make sure that your home stays a safe, happy and warm place to live.
  • Add in the fact that just about every form of roofing that we provide can help to make sure you are left with a job that fits your aesthetic needs as much as your wants for a cheaper home, too, from flat roofs to traditional styles through to single ply, you can rely upon us time and time again!

So, for more roofing information, contact us today; we’ll be more than happy to deliver on your needs and wants as soon as you require them about beginning roofing repair and restoration.

Exterior Paint (Cool Wall)

For anyone who is serious about making their household more impressive, exterior paint can be one of the best ways to do so. A fresh lick of paint will make such a difference to your home, adding a fresh and vibrant look to the outside that adds value and aesthetic appeal at the same time. Exterior paint services delivered by Home Upgrade Specialist, then, aim to make sure that you are left with a smooth, professional finish that looks outstanding and delivers a truly stunning finish to even the most grandiose of households.

However, as a company that is deeply environmentally conscious, we know the importance of exterior paint extends beyond the aesthetics. Indeed, exterior paint – using a cool wall technique – can make your home far more efficient as well as far more stylish. With X years of experience handling exterior paint jobs and making sure that households and premises can look 10/10 once again, we use our cool wall expertise to make sure that you are left with a finish that is both stylish and suave.

So, if you are looking for a suitable option that delivers a comprehensive finish in both style and efficiency, come and speak to us today. We can arrange a consultation to come around and take a look at your exterior paint job as it is at present, offer a simple solution and make sure that you fully understand the importance of getting a paint job that fits the theme, your budget and your need for a more affordable home to run.

Why Does Exterior Paint Matter So Much?

  • Well, for one, our exterior paint team knows it matters because we see the before and after. Over time, paint will chip, fade and be worn way by the elements. This means that a once-vibrant home can begin to very quickly leave you with a household that looks rough and unkempt.
  • This matters because if you are ever looking to sell up, the first impression people get is of the exterior paintwork. If they see a dull, damaged and degraded looking paint job then they will begin to wonder just what waits for them when they take a step inside!
    Add in the fact that our exterior painting service will help to keep the value of your home as well as the aesthetic appeal to the value of using a cool wall finish, too, and your home can become more affordable.
  • This kind of paint job locks in the building and makes sure that you are left with a household that is easier and more affordable to run thanks to these changes.
  • So, having a new paint job on the outside is more than just a good way to help improve the exterior. Most of the time, it is the picture perfect solution for making a change to the cosmetic appeal as well as the cost!

For more help and information, feel free to contact our support team for further information and to arrange a call-out ASAP.


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